Ways to brand your business

Ways to brand your business

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Whether you’re a corporation, small business or entrepreneur your brand should create a powerful impact for your business. The brand is what creates the emotional connection between your company and your consumers. A powerful brand instills customer loyalty, passion, confidence and may even lend itself to preferential treatment and premium pricing. The advantage of a great brand makes potential buyers less skeptical about the quality and more willing to pay for what is perceived to be a great product or service. Yes, branding is also about the perception held by your target customer of who you are.

Does your company need a brand identity?

Are you struggling with where to get started? Check out my short list for the top branding strategies to help you gain credibility and propel your company or business into the spotlight.

1. Use your email signature. Perhaps one of the abundant ways that we communicate is through email, so what better way to boost your company’s visibility than by using your email signature? By attaching a signature with an image and a special offer or reminder, you increase the likelihood of being referred to others.

2. Create a Favicon. Do you know what the favicon is? It’s the tiny image you see at the top of a browser window, next to the web address, whenever you visit a website. By default, you’ll see the web browser’s icon, but you can customize this to display your image. You can check online for videos on Vimeo, Facebook or YouTube if you want to show how to do it.

3. Customize your Social Media Backgrounds. You have three seconds to capture the attention of your anonymous viewer when they land on your page. Make a big impact! A picture spoke a thousand words and done right, that background can build credibility, memorability, and response.

4. Create your Name Tag. Ever attend an event where you have to write your name on a sticky label and paste it to your jacket? What about the time when you attended an event and they spelled your name wrong or made it so tiny it was hard to read? I had this problem one too many times, and now I keep a custom-created name tag with me everywhere I go. You can too. Use a name badge template and put your logo at the top, followed by your first name and then your website. Voila! Even when others don’t have an opportunity to speak to you, they’ll know who you are and where to find you.

5. Carry a branded tote

Big brands such as Whole Foods, Kenneth Cole and Barnes and Noble don’t let you leave the store without a bag advertising their services, but why should you? No one’s paying you to advertise for them. Instead, have a custom tote created with your own company’s logo and advertise yourself! You can get a duffel bag, a tote bag or even a messenger bag created for less than $40. It makes others think of your company as a major player and is also a great conversation starter.

Hire Marketing company

6. Hire a branding company or expert. Develop a cohesive campaign to bring your image and primary message under one brand. Your collateral marketing should have a central theme that transfers from the web, brochures, newsletters, elevator pitch, logo, stationery, etc.

7. Become a speaker. Participate in local business organizations and offer to speak at a conference or program on a topic relevant to your industry and the given agenda.

8. Offer internships. Many local colleges seek internship opportunities for their students. Develop an internship program that appeals to students who have a major in your industry. Many universities will promote their internship partners on their websites and career day events.

9. Develop affiliate partnerships. Many times you can create brand awareness by the partners you associate with. Scout out ideal strategic alliances for joint venture opportunities.

10. Sponsor charitable events. Many companies are known for philanthropy and association with non-profit causes that they support as part of their community involvement and outreach.

Get a water bottle, coffee mug or canteen with your logo instead of someone else’s! You have to drink something several times a day (I don’t recommend coffee) so you may as well drink to your success wherever you are.The above tips are just but multiple ways to build recognition.